A is a character in the Alphablocks.

A is voiced by Teresa Gallagher.


She is a green stripy block with freckles and a plaster on her left cheek.

A drops in and lands, it almost causes the tower to fall, when T saves them and warns A to stay out of trouble.

A falls from the sky and lands on a cloud.

This was A First appearance Bee Final Episodes Cowboy last appearance.

Apple some trick on plus frighten some vowel appears episode.


She likes to sing and help the other vowels. She has a plaster (Band-Aid) on her cheek and apples keep falling on her head. In "Prank" she discovered a red clown nose and played jokes on all of the other Alphablocks.

Trivia Edit

She is 1 out of 4 green characters.

Her letter means 10 in Hexadecimal.

Gallery Edit

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