Three teams compete to find out who can make the most words at the Alpha games.

STORY: X is the superhero of the Alphablocks Game. One of 3 teams will win the Alpha Cup.  Team 1 is A, E, M, S, and T. X Is for X-Ray s-ea-t, SEAT!

A chair appears.

s-a-t, SAT!

M sits down.

t-ea, TEA!

M drinks the tea.

s-e-t, SET!

The table is set.

ea-t, EAT!

M eats it all up.

s-ea, SEA!

The sea carries M away. That's 6 words. Team 2 is J, Q, U, W, and Z.

qu-w-j-z, QUWJZ!

w-qu-z-j, WQUZJ!

U does Q. Team 3 is D, H, O, P, and R. 6 is the last score. Will the team beat it?

r-o-d, ROD!

H has a rod.

p-o-d, POD!

H fishes a pod.

p-r-o-d, PROD!

A hand prods H.

d-r-o-p, DROP!

H drops the pod. O doubles himself.

d-r-oo-p, DROOP!

H starts to droop.

d-oor, DOOR!

A door appears. H opens it. One more word to win. X & E Needs Help can Fix It p-o-p, POP! b-o-x BOX! z-a-p ZAP! y-a-k YAK! s-a-d SAD! d-a-d DAD! c-a-t CAT! e-l-e-ph-a-n-t ELEPHANT! d-o-l-ph-I-n DOLPHIN! d-r-a-g-o-n DRAGON! d-r-a-g-o-n-f-l-y DRAGONFLY! z-e-r-o ZERO! z-e-b-r-a ZEBRA! L-I-o-n LION! z-oo ZOO! z-e-pp-el-I-n ZEPPELIN! h-I-pp-o HIPPO! e-x-p-r-e-ss-Express! f-I-x FIX!

t-r-ai-n TRAIN!
M-a-x MAX!


H pops one more time. All the Alphablocks won!

NOTES: -Word count: 13. -Fan members are B, C, F, G, I, K, L, N, V, and Y. I is the only vowel in the audience. -U's only line is "Uhhh! So embarrasing!" -This is the only appearance of trigraph OOR and the first appearance of digraph EA OO EE LL SS FF TT ZZ PP DD BB AR NN IGH EIGH ER RR OOR EER URE AIR EAR OAR AW OI OR OY SH CH TH NG UI EW UE ZH GG OUL OU AI OE PH WH RH QU AU EI PH DGE EY IR UR OA AY & Magic E

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