Bee  is the second episode of Alphablocks.


In this episode, E sings about himself, a busy E.

E is the busiest letter in the alphabet and in the musical episode, popular and friendly E shows just how hard working he can be. Doubling up and making words like bee and tree is easy but when he has to save the day by making a word with five E's he's exhausted. He's such a busy E!


  • E
  • B
  • D
  • R
  • K
  • P
  • H
  • T (sound only)
  • S (sound only)
  • N (sound only)
  • Z (sound only)
  • A (sneeze)
  • M (no lines)
  • Y (no lines)


  • Me (Not Actual)
  • Met (Not Actual)
  • Yet (Not Actual)
  • Bed
  • Red
  • Bee
  • Tree
  • Three
  • Sneeze
  • Beekeeper


  • Song: Busy E
  • This episode marks:
    • The first where Alphablocks speak.
    • The debut of Magic/Silent E.
    • The first where an Alphablock duplicates itself.
    • The first appearances of diagraphs TH, EE, and ER.
  • N, S, T, Z, and digraphs TH and ER only say their sound.
  • A, B, D, H, K, P, and R have spoken lines if you ignore their sound.
  • M and Y have no lines in this episode.
  • C, F, G, I, J, L, O, Q, U, V, W, and X are absent in this episode.

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