Alphablocks IR meet the birthday girl, throw an amazing party for her and make her special wish come true.

Synopsis Edit

G, IR, and L get ready for a party. But they don't know what is party is about.

g-ir-l, GIRL!

A girl appears. She loves parties and it's HER party! So she calls the other Alphablocks.

b-ir-th-d-ay, BIRTHDAY!

It's her birthday! The Alphablocks prepare a party for her. The first thing is a cake. The girl calls one Alphablock to help.

s-t-ir, STIR!

A bowl appears. The ingredients are put in and mixed up. Then the girl calls 2 other Alphablocks.

s-qu-ir-t, SQUIRT!

They squirt the frosting on the cake, but the girl's dress is a mess.

s-k-ir-t, SKIRT!

A skirt appears. Then when it's time to play party games, the Band comes in. W joins in. They play Musical Statues. D plays the drums while they dance. When the music stops...

t-w-ir-l, TWIRL!

...everyone twirls. When it's time for presents, H wonders if they've got her a present. IR light the cake candles. Everyone sings Happy Birthday to the girl. After she blows out the candles, G and L bring in a box. B, IR, and D pop out of the box.

b-ir-d, BIRD!

A bird appears. The girl rides the bird into the sky.

Trivia Edit

  • Total words: 7
  • C, E, F, J, M, O, P, V, X and Z are absent in this episode.
  • A, B, D, K, N, QU, S, T, U, and TH only say their sound in this episode.
  • Q and Y don't talk solo in this episode.
  • Y doesn't appear for the rest of the episode after BIRTHDAY is sound out.
  • This is the only TV appearance of digraph IR.
  • This is the final episode to feature G, K, Q, and R.
  • This is the final time H appears as a single Alphablock.
  • This is the final time L speaks properly.
  • BIRD is the final word in the series sounded out with I.