E was sits down with Angel and Devil.

STORY: E sits down and Devil (the Red Guy) pops on E's shoulder of the tooth fairy. Angel (the Red Guy) pops on another E's shoulder. He tells that how he knows to get the volcano. E walks and Angel and Devil pops.


(Devil Pops)

Devil: Hello, E!

E: What are you doing, Devil?

Devil: I'm am the tooth fairy get to volcano.

(Angel Pops)

Angel: Hello it's me Angel! Mind as the fairy princess!

Devil: E! We're go to volcano to see other Alphablocks.

Angel: We're going to straight to the climb the mountain the volcano.

E: Excellent!

E: Right! Now I just go to the volcano. Goodbye!

Angel and Devil: Goodbye, E!

Angel: Wow! What fun, Devil!

Devil: Yeah. Did to see that!

(Angel and Devil Pops)

NOTES: E sits for 3 times. Devil pops 1 times and Angel pops 2 times and Angel and Devil pops 3 times.

The Red Guys wears normals and angel apearss in Cow and Chicken and I Am Weasel. I Am Weasel in episode in "I Am Cry Baby"