In this episode, the Alphablocks sing about the quick brown fox that jumps over the lazy dog.

Trivia Edit

  1. A stays saying her long sound (her name) while sounding out LAZY.
  2. C, E, H, K, Q, T, and W have no solo lines in this episode.
    • E is the only single letter out of these, because the word THE is not sounded out.
  3. U's voice is deeper in this episode, except when he was with Q.
  4. This was the second time Y was a vowel. The 1st time was in Why.
  5. This is the only time a capital letter is used in a digraph.
  6. If the pangram were a past-tense sentence ("The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog"), then S would be the only letter not in this version.
    • However, if it were past-tense, then you would pluralize "dog" into "dogs".
    • None of the Alphablocks were absent in this episode they were all together.
    • Another time they were all together was in ABC of Season 2.

Errors Edit

  • When BROWN is sounded out, OW says his sound in one voice, because O and W are both voiced by the same person, Lizzie Waterworth.
    • The same happens to ER when OVER is sounded out.
  • When JUMPS is sounded out, P says "pa", when she was supposed to say "p".