I is the ninth letter in the Alphablock gang.

I is voiced by Lizzie Waterworth.

Appearance Edit

I is a fuchsia block with rosy cheeks and long lashes.

Personality Edit

I is self-absorbed and thinks she is the most important letter of all. She even likes to sing, even if it's not wanted or needed, but although her singing is loud something, the Alphablocks love it.


"I know!"

"I... don't know."

"I know what to do!"

"Did I hear someone say my name? Did someone say "I"?"

"Only I can say "I"!"

Trivia Edit

  • I's letter means:
    • 1 in Roman Numerals.
    • 18 in Vigesimal.
  • I once lost her dot in Dot.

Counterparts Edit

  • Barney (namesake series) - Both are purple and like to sing.