J is the tenth letter in the Alphablocks gang.

J is voiced by Teresa Gallagher.

in the us version she is voiced by Shannon chan kent

Appearance Edit

She is a powder blue and white block including an orange 'beak', since she thinks she is a blue jaybird..

Personality Edit

J is cheerful and a big dreamer, thinking she can fly like real jaybirds do.

she looks like a penguin

in the uk version she is voiced by Teresa Gallagher

she is the female girl of the gang

in the us version she says different things like only joking And look I'm a josie

Episodes Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "Jaybird! I'm a jolly J."
  • "Jolly nonsense."
  • "Jumping juggernauts!"
  • "Jumping jellyblocks!"
  • "Jumping jumbos!"
  • Only joking, [US version]
  • Look, I'm a Josie. [US version]
  • Hi, I'm jay. [US and UK versions]

Trivia Edit

  • J is the second of the 5 blue characters.
  • J appears in 18 episodes of the series.
  • J's letter means 19 in Vigesimal.
  • she sounds like her us voice actor Shannon chan kent