J is the tenth letter in the Alphablocks gang.

J is voiced by Teresa Gallagher.

Appearance Edit

She is a blue and white block including an orange 'beak', since she thinks she is a blue jay bird.

Prototype Edit

J is a trapezoidal teal block with a plain face.

Personality Edit

J is cheerful and a big dreamer, thinking she can fly like a real jay birds do.

Quotes Edit

  • "Jaybird! I'm a jolly J."
  • "Jolly nonsense."
  • "Jumping juggernauts!"
  • "Jumping jellyblocks!"
  • "Jumping jumbos!"

Trivia Edit

  • J is the second of the 5 blue characters.
  • J appears in 17 episodes of the series.
  • J's letter means 19 in Vigesimal.