In this episode, J wants to sing and fly like a bird.

STORY: J pretends to be a jaybird. She tries to fly and sing like a jay, but sh

Alphablock J

e is too heavy and she makes a lion "ROOOAAAR!" It upsets A and I. I tries singing. J has the same dot, like I has. But I is not a jaybird and she sings better than J. As she leaves, she tries again, but the noise makes B, G, M, O, R, W, and Y. Poor J doesn't think she's a jaybird.

What is J?

Jab - A is upset of a jab of rams. J said ''I can fly!" Baa! Baa!

Jello - J is covered in jello. M tries to eat it.

Jug - A, B, M, O, R, W, and Y end up in a jug on top of J.

Jaws- J has big jaws and she is in a deep voice.

Jaguar - J is afraid of a jaguar.

Jellyfish - J swims with jellyfish.

Jackal - J chases a jackal.

Jay - J turns into a real jaybird. She and the other Alphablocks chirped a bird song about it.

NOTES: --J looks like a penguin, but she thinks she is a jaybird.  --B, G, W, and O do not talk in this episode. -I's dot flashes pink and J's dot flashes orange.


J: I'm a jay.

I: I'm not a jaybird. I am I. I sing and you can't.

J:[Tinga lion roaring] Am I a jaw? Hear me Lion Roar!

Where is everybody?

[all yell]

Jah! Jah!

ALL: I am a real jay bird! (laughter)

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