It's bedtime for A, E, I, O and U, but they refuse to go to sleep.

STORY: It's nighttime. A drops in. L lullabies her to sleep. The other vowels come in playing loudly, causing A to wake up and join in. After brushing their teeth and putting on pyjamas, the vowels continue playing, when G comes in.

l-o-g, LOG!

A log appears. G rolls away. D comes in.

l-i-d, LID!

A lid appears. The vowels go for a spin in the lid. Then they fly away. E comes down first.

b-e-d, BED!

A bed appears. The Alphablocks jump on the bed. E, the first vowel to fall down, can't go to sleep without his teddy.

t-e-d, TED!

With a teddy bear, E can finally go to sleep. Then, U falls down and can't go to sleep without a hug.

h-u-g, HUG!

H and G hug U and put him to sleep. Then, A falls down and she just can't sleep.

n-a-p, NAP!

A can finally nap. Then, O falls down and he needs to go sleep someplace else.

c-o-t, COT!

O can sleep in a cot. I is the last vowel to fall off the bed and can't go to sleep without a kiss.

l-i-p-s, LIPS!

Lips kiss I and puts her to sleep. Good night, vowels!

And the scene fades out, the Leprechaun from the first story jumps from out of nowhere into bed -chuckling crazily to himself, looked directly into the camera, and shushing the audience.

Later as the closing credits roll, Pierce Brosnan, the Leprechaun, and Bart's toad-prince from "Wiz Kids" emerge from the guest stars' trailer carrying baskets of fruit. Brosnan is impressed that they get to keep the fruit baskets. Brosnan's car is parked right outside the trailer, prompting the Leprechaun to sarcastically comment, "Mr. Movie Star gets to park right next to the stage!" And as a peace offering, Brosnan asks if he can give the Leprechaun and the toad-prince a ride to their car, which they accept. After they all get in and Brosnan begins driving, Brosnan asks the Leprechaun where they're parked, and the Leprechaun replies that they don't have a car. Realizing he's been tricked, a surprised Brosnan starts to protest, and the Leprechaun says in a menacing voice to keep driving. The car suddenly speeds up, crashes through the studio gate, and cuts off several other vehicles as it turns into the street, with the Leprechaun cackling in a crazed fashion all the while—implying that even though Brosnan is still behind the wheel, the Leprechaun has somehow managed to seize control of the car.

NOTES: -Song: Five Little Alphablocks -Total words: 8. -Consonants that are absent in this episode are F, J, K, M, Q, R, V, W, X, Y, and Z. -B, C, H, N, P, S, and T only say their sound in this episode. -LIPS is the only word in this episode with 4 letters instead of 3. -The Leprechaun in first story of The Simpsons.

SPECIAL GUEST VOICES:-Pierce Brosnan and Matthew Perry voices of himself. Teresa Gallagher, David Holt, and Lizzie Waterworth are voices in audience.

ALTERNATE ENDING:-L said goodnight to the vowels, the Leprechaun falls in the bed and he chuckles and shushing from the camera.