In this episode, O and O are on the moon.

STORY: O loves to double to become OO. M and N come to meet them. After making the word MOON, they end up on the moon. M thinks the moon looks delicious. N warns him not to eat the moon. The bitten part falls off, making the moon crescent, and M and N fall off. Now, B, F, H, L, and T end up on the moon.

How will they get home?

FOOL - F fools OO and L.

FOOT - The foot smells stinky.

HOOF - A hoof steps on the moon.

HOOT - OO hoots like an owl.

TOOL - A wrench fixes a star.

BOOT (star word) - A boot kicks the moon away, sending B, F, H, L, OO, and T down on the ground. B and OO make the word BOO. OO doesn't understand what BOO means, until the Alphablocks shout "BOO!", making O single again.

Unusual word


NOTES: --This is the only episode where a real word is sounded out incorrectly (FOOT is pronounced as long OO). --B and H only say their sound.


O AND O: Ooo!

M: We're on the moon!

N: No way!

N: No!

M: My oh my!

O AND O: Ooh, ooh!

L: Lovely. How do we get home?

B, F, H, L, AND T: BOO!

O: O-o-o-o-o!

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