When Alphablock I starts making up new laws, AU are soon on the run, with AW in hot pursuit!

STORY: U, N, and W are playing cops and robbers, disturbing I's singing. While arguing, A drops in and sticks with W. L holds hands with them.

l-aw, LAW!

The word turns I into a cop. She is in charge of the law. She takes out a sign saying "Keep off the grass."

l-aw-n, LAWN!

A lawn appears under U. Having him arrested in the name of the lawn... I mean law, U is being chased. Then I takes out a sign saying "No pets." P pops in.

p-aw, PAW!

A paw grabs U. Then he is being chased again. Then I takes out a sign saying "No bouncy balls, no showers on the stairs, no pretending to be police."

d-r-aw, DRAW!

A pencil draws some stairs and a ball. The ball bounces U to the top of the stairs. Above him, a bucket pours water on him. U falls down and sticks with A. I tries to arrest AU in the name of the... POP! P brings them pineapples. Then I takes out a sign saying "Nothing beginning with P."

P-au-l, PAUL!

A nametag that says PAUL appears on I's coat and I ends up arresting herself. Chasing AU, she takes out a sign saying "No unicorns, no jelly monsters, no ghosts."

h-au-n-t, HAUNT!

I is dressed up as a ghost and arrests herself. Chasing AU again, she takes out a sign saying "No hills, no skies, no astronauts."

l-au-n-ch, LAUNCH!

Three, two, one, launch! A rocket launches I to the sky... and she falls down. I decides to play cops and robbers with them.

NOTES: -Total words: 7 -Capital P also appears in Sleep. -A, D, F, R, T, and CH only say their sound in this episode. -C doesn't speak solo in this episode. -We know that Paul is a boy's name. It's also a girls name, short for Paula. -This is the second episode where I becomes a cop, the first being Dot. -B, E, G, J, K, M, O, Q, S, V, X, Y, and Z are absent in this episode. -This is the final episode to feature P. -This is the final episode to feature digraph CH. -HAUNT is the final word sounded out with a single H.