In this episode, P, A, R, T and Y need some help getting the party started.

STORY: Z sleeps at the start of the episode. P blows her tooter. Y holds a balloon. G and W meet up with P, A, R, T, and Y. G wonders if they're going to the party. R says, "This is the party, me hearty!" T, who checks his watch, says that the party started 12 minutes and 22 seconds ago. Y's balloon deflates. B and D join in, while P pops away. S joins in to help with the party.

How can she help? Edit

SAG - S, A, and G start to sag. S sorts it out by inflating themselves.

SAT - S, A, and T sit down to drink tea.

SAW - A saw cuts where S, A, and W stand. Then the hole begins to grow tall. S, A, and W look down, while the hole grows back to normal. They fall back.

SAY - S asks why the chicken crosses the road. A wonders what a chicken is and Y wonders what a road is. They all shrug.

SAD (star word) - S, A, and D start crying. Then I, N, S, A, N, And E drop by. I-N-S-A-N-E Then S A And D GO CRAZY ALL OVER And have tantrums

NOTES: --Song: I'm X! --Z makes a cameo in the beginning. --When X arrives, I and O are at the party with the A, B, D, R, S, T, V, W, and Y. When S plays her sax, M and F are there. During the song, L and E are there. --E, F, I, L, M, and O make a cameo at the end, but they don't speak. --C, H, J, K, N, Q, U, and V are absent in this episode.

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