X is seen sleeping in his chair when he is suddenly awakened by his alarm. He uses his X-ray vision and flies up, but accidentally hits the ceiling so hard that his X got all wonky and became a + so he becomes Plusman. Plusman then flies through the exit and meets R, who is on a treasure hunt and finding something with 5 points.

S-T-AR. Star

R tells Plusman that is not what she is really looking for. R also says it also lives underwater.

F-I-SH. Fish

R says she really needs something that has 5 points and lives underwater. Plusman combines Star and Fish together.

S-T-AR-F-I-SH. Starfish.

R says a starfish is what she is looking for. Meanwhile, SH, EE, and P are chasing sheep until Plusman combines Sheep and Dog together.

S-H-EE-P-D-O-G. Sheepdog.

A sheepdog appears. L, U, N, and CH are having lunch and are trying to find what they should carry it in. Plusman slips on a banana peel and turns back into X.

B-O-X. Box.

B says the box is full of bandages. X thinks Plusman is a silly name. X writes an X and rotates it a bit to make it a +. Lunch and Box are combined together.

L-U-N-CH-B-O-X. Lunchbox.

A. lunchbox appears and stuffs in all the food. B asks X for a banana, but X shakes his head.

Trivia Edit

  • When X is asleep, he makes his sound while snoring and his letters can be seen floating in the sky.
  • J, K, M, Q, V, W, Y, and Z are absent in this episode.
  • A, F, G, I, S, T, U, and digraphs EE, CH, and SH only say their sound in this episode.
  • E stays doubled and stuck together in this episode, making him the third Alphablock to stay like this in an episode, the first two being O and L.

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