In this episode, Q needs U to quiet It.

Story Edit

U is being chased by Q and bumps into I and T.

i-t, IT!

Suddenly, the ground shakes. "Iet, did you hear that?" asks Q. U doesn't understand. Q sticks with him and says, "I said qu-quiet! Did you hear that?" I thinks It is something big. U thinks it's utterly enormous. T thinks it's... tiny, when they see a red It. Then It says U's sound. U asks it to stop. Q agrees and sticks with U again. I and T leave and the other Alphablocks come.

qu-a-ck, QUACK!

Suddenly, It becomes a duck and starts to quack.

s-qu-aw-k, SQUAWK!

It becomes a parrot and starts to squawk.

s-qu-ea-k, SQUEAK!

It turns into a mouse and starts to squeak. When I and T come back, I finds It annoying. Then U gets Q to hold It, and tries a word without Q...

u-i-e-t, UIET!

It doesn't work. U decides to stick with Q.

qu-i-e-t, QUIET!

It goes back to its normal form and goes to sleep.

Notes Edit

A, CK, E, K, S, AW, and EA only say their sound in this episode.

C and W have no solo lines in this episode.

When I and T return, S is still with Q, U, and E. She is gone for the rest of the video.

B, D, F, G, H, J, L, M, N, O, P, R, V, X, Y, and Z are absent in this episode.

Quotes Edit

Q: Iet, did you hear that?

U: Uh?!

Q: I said (sticks with U), kwuh, quiet! Did you hear that?

I: I think IT is something big.

IT: Kwuh, kwuh!

IT: Squeak!

U: Uh.

I: I.

E: Eh.

T: Tttt.


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