In this episode, B, N, and D need a vowel to join their band.

STORY: Bassist B and Drummer D need a singer, until they're near N. As brother and sister, come up to him, N thinks nothing's happening. B and D find a guitar, but still need a singer. Then they hear the vowels! As they come to them, D asks them who would join us.

BEND - B, E, N, and D bend and O bumps into them.

BIND - B, I, N, and D are in a bit of a bind.

BOND - B, O, N, and D stick together.

BAND (star word) - The band plays and A can finally sing!


  • A and I only say their sound in this episode.QUOTES:

B: Show us what you've got behind you're back.

N: No.

B: Bagpipes?

N: No.

D: Didgeridoo.

N: No.


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