STORY: The alphabet looks at their constellations that look like their A-Z Animals. They glow as one of them say a letter name.


F and R join the alphabet.


A UFO appears.


The UFO repeats what they say. Buzz!


The UFO repeats what they say. Buzz!

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z The UFO repeats what they say. Correct! The UFO lifts them up high.

f-ar, Far!

The UFO rises away from them.

oar, Oar!

The UFO comes down with an oar.

ear, Ear!

The UFO grows an ear.

f-ur, Fur!

The UFO grows fur.

f-air, Fair!

The UFO becomes a zebra merry-go-round.


A number 4 appears. The UFO opens up and 5 number aliens are inside. The 4 belongs to one of the aliens. Then the UFO is not leaving!

NOTES: --Digraphs include AR and UR.  --Trigraphs include OAR, EAR, and AIR.  --F, O, U, and R didn't sound out FOUR. This is the same as ONE in Note.  --The numbers on the aliens are used again in Fred. --E only says his sound and his name as his solo line.


I: I know. It happens when we say our A-Z Animal names.

A: A!

E: E!

I: I!

U: U!

O: O!

UFO: A, E, I, U, O! (buzz)

R: A shooting star!

F: Fff.

A AND R: Ar.

TOGETHER: Far. (UFO rises a few feet)

F, O, U, AND R: Four. (A number 4 appears; a spaceship opens. 5 number aliens are inside)

ALIEN 4: 4! Ha ha. Huh!

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