V is the 22nd letter in the Alphablock gang.

V is voiced by David Holt In UK And Roger Craig Smith In US.

Personality Edit

V is very, very fast. He likes to zoom around.

Appearance Edit

V is red with white triangular marks on his body and wings on his arms. He wears a red helmet.

Trivia Edit

V is the last of the 5 red characters.

V is never seen without his helmet.

He is the only Alphablock who doesn't sound out nonsense words in both the TV and the game version.

Snowman is the only game-version episode where V is moveable.

V's letter means 5 in Roman Numerals.

V's lowercase shape makes the "n" sound in Greek.

Episodes Edit

Counterparts Edit

  • Zorch (Mixels) - Both are red and very fast.
  • P (Alphablocks) - They are both fast and are red.



V in "ABC"