X is the 24th letter in the Alphablock gang.

X is voiced by David Holt.

Appearance Edit

X is a yellow and blue Alphablock. He wears a black mask, a red cape, and white gloves and boots.

Alter Ego Edit

His alter ego, Plusman, can make compound words. In Plusman's appearance his body is red and orange.

Trivia Edit

  • X's letter means 10 in Roman Numerals.
  • He is one of the 7 Alphablocks whose lowercase letters above their head are shaped like their capital form. The others are C, O, S, V, W, and Z.
  • X's capital/lowercase shape makes:
    • The "kh" sound in Cyrillic languages.
    • The "ch" sound in Greek (capital only).

Episodes Edit

Counterparts Edit

  • X (BFDI) - Both have same name and letter and both yellow.
  • Mr. Strong (Mr. Men) - Both are strong.

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