Z is the 26th and final letter in the Alphablock gang.

Z is voiced by David Holt.

Biography Edit

Z is an elder-like Alphablock who can sleep almost anywhere.

Appearance Edit

Z is green with silvery-white eyebrows and beard and wears a badge on the right side of his chest. Sometimes he sports a walking stick.

Prototypes Edit

Some prototypes of Z include either having a different color, no facial hair or beard, wearing pajamas, or a superhero.

Pronunciation Edit

Since Alphablocks aired in the UK, Z's name is pronounced "zed". But if America would air the show, then Z's name would be pronounced "zee".

Trivia Edit

  • Z is the only male green Alphablock.
  • The game version of Hat is the only episode where Z is moveable.
  • The only nonsense Z appears in are QWJZ and WQZJ.
  • Z did not appear in Series 4.
    • However, he only appears as a letter in Alphabet.