Z is the 26th and final letter in the Alphablock gang.

Z is voiced by David Holt.

Biography Edit

Z is an elder-like Alphablock who can sleep almost anywhere.

Appearance Edit

Z is green with silvery-white eyebrows and beard and wears a badge on the right side of his chest. Sometimes he sports a walking stick.

Prototypes Edit

Some prototypes of Z include either having a different color, no facial hair or beard, wearing pajamas, or a superhero.

Episodes Edit

Pronunciation Edit

Since Alphablocks aired in the UK, Z's name is pronounced "zed". But if America would air the show, then Z's name would be pronounced "zee".

Trivia Edit

  • Z is the only male green Alphablock.
  • The game version of Hat is the only episode where Z is moveable.
  • The only nonsense words Z appears in are QWJZ and WQZJ.
  • Z did not appear in Series 4.
    • However, he only appears as a letter in Alphabet.
  • Z is the first Alphablock to have a final appearance of the series. (Hey)

Counterparts Edit

  • Mr Lazy (Mr Men) - Both like to sleep anywhere.
  • Jeff Fatt and Lachy Gillespie (The Wiggles) - All three like to sleep.